Playing the Slot Game “Gods of Giza”

How about we begin the review by making a sweeping generalization? Let’s pretend for the purpose of discussion that there are two extremes on the experimental spectrum towards which individuals tend to gravitate. Some people never return to the same spot twice, while others settle on one place early on and stay there their whole lives. This may be a preferred dining establishment, a preferred lounging area, or, most certainly, a preferred website for playing slot machines. This is most clearly demonstrated by the enduring popularity of Egypt as a tourist destination. In an online slot titled Gods of Giza, software developer Pragmatic Play visits the land of palm trees and pyramids. The Gods of Giza are housed in a stone chamber illuminated by fiery braziers and dripping with riches. A statue with its arms crossed, massive masonry, and several other fitting aesthetic touches make for an impressive scene, at least for slot machines. The main attraction is a 5×5 playing grid filled with 25 colorful gem symbols that fall into place on every spin. Bets may be placed between 20 percent and one hundred pounds or euros every spin, and the action can take place on any device. The highest possible RTP on Gods of Giza is 96.01%, while lesser variants are also available. Thankfully, the salary table makes the numbers easy to see. In order to win, at least three identical symbols must fall next to each other in either a vertical or horizontal line, regardless of where the player begins. The payouts in Gods of Giza revolve on precious stones and ancient Egyptian-themed symbols. The normal pay symbols consist of a blue gem, green gem, purple gem, blue jewel, green dog, and a purple falcon, in that sequence of increasing value. There is a 2x to 20x payout potential for a full five-of-a-kind winning line. Wilds can appear on any reel, substitute for other symbols, and provide payouts of up to 25 times the wager for a full reel of them.

Featured Games: Gods of Giza Slot

The winning symbols in Gods of Giza are “tumbled” off the playing board as they appear. One wild symbol will emerge in a random unoccupied location whenever at least one winning combination occurs without a wild symbol. The leftover spaces are then stuffed with falling symbols. As long as new winning symbols appear, the tumble mechanism will keep spinning.

Reduced Wild Areas

Wild symbols not only substitute for conventional ones, but they also remain on the screen for two spins before being eliminated along with the other winning symbols. Furthermore, wilds may appear with a multiplier of 2, 3, 5, 7, or 10. If a winning combination contains a wild multiplier, that win is doubled by the multiplier’s value.

No Risk Turns

If you get 3 scatters, you get 10 free games, and for every additional scatter you get, you get 5 more free games. Players who trigger free spins will always get at least one wild symbol before any tumbling occurs after the initial spin. If the initial victory does not result in a win, at least one wild will arise at random. If you hit three scatter symbols, you’ll get an extra five free spins, and wild symbols will be around for the next five wins. Finally, the free spins bonus may be purchased for 100 times the initial wager if a player would rather not wait for it to activate organically. If you get 3, 4, or 5 scatters, you’ll win a free game.

Slots and the Gods of Ancient Egypt

If you’re an old hand at online slot machines, try remembering what it was like when you first encountered the concept. Using a computer and the internet to visit faraway, exotic places. Like people who, before there were low-cost airlines and all-inclusive vacation packages, would read James Bond books to virtually travel the world. A jaded skepticism may set in after a few years and a few games have passed. Really, sweetheart, are we going back to ‘X’? When you’re on the hunt for a new slot machine online, it might seem like that. None more so than Egypt, a staple of slot machine themes for years. We want to make it obvious that we have nothing against stories about Ancient Egypt. Its status as one of the world’s most frequented casinos is no fluke. All that mystery, glitz, romance, and gorgeous visuals is perfect for a slot machine. Book of Dead and Hand of Anubis are great instances of this, and to be fair, Gods of Giza does a decent job at it as well. Sorry if this seems cruel, but Gods of Giza occasionally gives the impression that Pragmatic Play could paint a lovely scene with both hands tied behind its back and one eye closed by now. Players who enjoy games like Moon Princess should have no trouble appreciating this one, as its feature set is quite fine. The fact that you may win up to five thousand times your wager is just frosting on the cake. Still, it seemed like too much work was required on our part to fully enjoy Gods of Giza. It accomplishes its goals, transports gamers to a treasure-filled and exotic location, and provides them with an enjoyable gaming experience while they’re there. Gods of Giza is likely to be entertaining if you enjoy gameplay similar to Moon Princess with a slightly land-based appearing variation, or if Ancient Egypt is your jam. Just maybe nothing too out of the ordinary for amusement.






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